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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle


I've been writing just as long as I've been drawing, and have possibly produced more written works than I have pictures. Well, if you count every panel of Darkbolt to be a single image, then never mind. Some of the stuff I've written isn't exactly fit for print, due to sheer crappiness, but I'm quite proud of a lot of it. I am still contemplating pursuing actual publication of a few stories, but anything I'm not planning to make money off of is here, in PDF form.

Heir to Heroes (2002)
This story is based closely on one of the first campaigns I ran in my Paragon role-playing game, using the fantasy rules that are still in development. The world for this story was a spinoff on the world for a previous story I never finished, called Beneath the Clouds, which I'd actually like to finish at some point if I can come up with a plot. Ultimately, I'd like to align the various worlds I've written about to be the same one. My 2011 NaNoWriMo story is also supposed to be the same world, based more closely on the evolving world for the Paragon fantasy setting.
Heir to Heroes is a fun little story, with some interesting characters and hopefully some unexpected plot twists, but in the end it's not much more than a generic fantasy tale. Aligning the world more I think will help, and it is by no means a polished work.

The Key to Deliverance (2011)
This is a short story involving a character I plan to make a whole series of full-fledged novels about. The setting is a futuristic sci-fi universe I've been building upon since 1992, and which is also the focus for the upcoming Paragon setting Infinite Vector. The story itself is still in progress, and will be "flavor text" in the Infinite Vector rules. It takes place on board an exploratory starship in deep space, and follows a brief adventure in the early career of Lieutenant Tusbeh Siebzehn, a young man of the Phorellan race. The perspective is first-person, and I experimented with a psychic main character who can, like an omniscient narrator, explain the thoughts and emotions of other characters while retaining a personal perspective on events. I'm not sure I pulled it off as effectively as I intended, but more stories about Tus will help develop that a bit.

Kyze (2011)
Another piece of flavor text intended for Infinite Vector, K'yze is a very short story about a Korvasian warrior marooned on a remote planet and persued by his people's mortal enemies, the Morgenians.

Becoming One (2012)
A very quick little exploration of the transformation of my human character in a friend's Shadowrun game into "one of them," a life-sucking vampire. I wrote this just to develop, for both myself and the GM, what my character (Damian) feels about his conversion, and how it is affecting his outlook on life. The second session, played after this was written, was very well informed by me having done so. I think I'll try to make a habit of doing this...

Reminiscent Beginnings (2013)
This is a little bit of backstory that didn't make it into the Demongate High comic, but was part of the original novel upon which the comic is based. It deals with Rosalee receiving her invitation to the school, and introduces her family, and also delves into Ewan's first few days at the school.