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Omake Theater
Johji's attempts to win Naoko's heart, by me and Mizzy.
Just to clear up some misunderstandings about Ikkou and Johji...Page 1 - Page 2
Otakon 2003
Q&A with Yun
April Fool's Day 2003:
   Page 1
   Page 2
   Page 3
Satsuo's request to Shiori
Thanksgiving 2002: Ikkou's nightmare

Here I've documented my trips to Otakon, the anime convention in Baltimore every summer.

   Halloween Costumes, 2001
Well, we got second place at Anime club again (we were half an hour late and missed the judging... Luke was nice enough to let us enter anyway, and we got quite a reaction from the audience!). These costumes were a lot of work (and I did the least of it...) Many thanks to Neil and Yowen for the hard work! You rock!! Anyway, here are some pictures. Yay! My trip to Otakon, summarized in three short strips.

   The winning entry in the Darkbolt story contest is Roel Calderon, with Hope Betrayed, a story of a future Darkbolt universe and the Demon of Destruction.
For other entries, see the Fanfics section.