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Darkbolt: Frozen Hearts is a standalone story which takes place after the defeat of Evil, before the start of Spirit Sanctuary. The whole production was in the works for nearly 2 years, and still needs some touching up. Total running time: 51 minutes.

Each file below is an mp3 file, playable on most computers. To hear them all in sequence, with a nifty little interface I made, check out the player below (requires the Shockwave plugin, and has been known to make computers crash; it's still lacking illustrations but otherwise it works).

And here's the player as it stands right now. Still missing illustrations.

Curious to know what the new characters look like? Well here's a concept picture of them.

Darkbolt: Frozen Hearts
Written, directed, and produced by Sean Boyle

Cast: (in order of appearance)
Darkbolt: Adam Ross
Gamma: Matt Sleadd
Zetto: Neil Weber
Ikkou: Eric Dreeson
Naoko: Lauren Wolf
Johji/Chou: Robert Ziefel
Sensha: Liz Croteau
Operator: Shawn Jenkins
Brand: Adam Zakowicz
Yun: Kevin Yung
Mariko: Alyssa Vaisey
Shiori: Renee Dreeson

Opening Theme
Music: Derek Punaro
Lyrics/Vocals: Lauren Harris
Produced by Lauren Harris

Battle Theme: Thunder Wakes Me
Lyrics/Vocals: Lauren Harris
Produced by Lauren Harris

Ending Theme: Forever As One
Music/Lyrics: Neil Weber
Vocals: Sean Boyle
Produced by Sean Boyle

©2003 Sean Boyle
All included works © by their original creator