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Secaala in the Flames

Secaala in the Flames. Here is a more recent pic of Secaala. I'm very pleased with how it came out, but coloring it was a total pain.

Kelsie Dallarian, a healer from my D&D game. I wanted to make her boobs obscenely huge, but I couldn't quite pull it off. I need to stop playing King of Fighters... 423x600, 44k.

Half-dragon Drow Sisters, NPCs from my D&D game. I want to make color pictures, and their wings got a little tangled in this one. 467x600, 68k.
Alex: Lunge

Alex: Lunge. Alex, from my planned project "Perfect Song". I have more pics of him and other characters on my DevArt account.

Kobolds! Here's a scene from a couple years back, when Zelthar and Miria took on an entire tribe of kobolds. The little guy with the red hair in the middle is Mar, their leader, and he's trying to use the ancient elven high magic in this chamber to resurrect a powerful red dragon whose soul is locked in the body of the baby he's holding (Miria's adopted son, Dorai). Needless to say, the kobolds lost.

Ladies. Three female NPCs from a D&D game I'm doing: Zharra the gnoll, Falar'ri the dark elf, and Secaala the erinyes. And yes, they are the good guys.
Garage Shop Guns

Garage Shop Guns. Raz and two of her firearm creations in her garage. This was made for my schedule at work just to make it interesting.
Sick Mizzy

Sick Mizzy. Mizzy was sick and feeling really crappy, so I drew this picture for her to cheer her up. Yes, that's me dressed up like a nurse with a bowl of chicken soup. 500x374, 40k.

Secaala, a character sketch of an NPC in one of my D&D games. This is her in her original leather outfit, before she got all trashed by her... "allies". She's got black hair, black wings, black leather, dark skin, and emerald green eyes. I want to do a color pic at some point. 446x765, 48k.

Secaala again; a much rougher sketch of her new outfit. I like the outfit, but the sketch needs to be cleaned up alot. 391x756, 40k.