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Raz, re-drawn for her role in Impact. 338x600, 40k.

Blitz, a montage of a couple sketches I did of Blitz, the main character in the comic I'm working on called Impact.
Jaren Spellseeker

Jaren Spellseeker, my character in a D&D game. He's a treasure hunter... and he looks a little too insane in this picture. It's a very rough sketch; I plan to make some colored pics of him and his friends eventually. 590x674, 48k.
Jaren at a Door

Jaren at a door. Here's Jaren trying to pick a rather complicated magic lock, and his companions aren't giving him quiet to concentrate. Get your hand off that sword, Jaren... Again, a rather rough sketch I threw together in about 5 minutes. 638x733, 56k.

Kata'Ama. This is one of Jaren's friends, a monk with a curious disposition. Also pretty rough, with some lines needing to be erased... 412x672, 40k.
Zelthar and Miria

Zelthar and Miria. Another picture of Zelthar and Miria that I did for a T-shirt.
Always Know

Always Know. Zelthar and Miria... I just felt mushy when I drew this, and the song lyrics (from Treasure Planet) just fit Zelthar so well. Here's a bigger version.
Fire Lance

Fire Lance. Here's a pencil drawing I did of Gryphonne and a fire lance. 492x600, 68k.
Zelthar in Armor

Zelthar in Armor. Apparently Zelthar finally got over his aversion to armor. He's wearing a light chain shirt here, decked out with his plethora of swords and a new hair style. 459x600, 56k.
Tek-Rah the Tiger

Tek-Rah the Tiger. Tek-Rah is a drow bladesinger, who specializes in the long sword. Her animal symbol is a tiger. Here she is in a cool dress with tiger-stylized war paint, and a huge honkin' falchion on her back. I want to color this one soon, although I don't like her eyes. 322x600, 44k.