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Gryphonne. OK, I put WAY too much work into this one. I rendered textures for the metal bits, and went to a fabric store to take pictures of gold embroidered fabric for her cape. I just wanted to see how it would turn out, and I'm happy with it. I'm not sure I like the cape pattern, but otherwise it was worth the 6 hours it took to put together. 480x600, 96k.
Garis K'Renn

Garis K'Renn. Here's a new picture of Garis that I did in pencil. I like it a lot better than the color one, personally. 372x600, 36k.

Shock Lance

Gryphonne's Shock Lance. It's like a big huge cattle prod for dragons... Yep, I colored her in. I need to come up with a better way of coloring pencil drawings, because all my inked finals don't look as good as the pencil sketches. And the lightning inside the lance didn't turn out. 481x600, 92k.

Ger-thrall. I just found this one while I was digging through old pictures. It's the weretiger, general Ger-thrall. He gave Tek-Rah her uniform in the picture below. 433x600, 64k.


Gryphonne. Yup, I changed the spelling of her name. And I made her outfit more interesting, less simplistic. This is the first sketch of her new outfit, so there are a couple of problems. Mainly, the strap from her baldric goes under her girdle, a setup which would not only be inconvenient, but uncomfortable as well. 369x600, 44k.
Gryphonne: Lance

Gryphonne: Lance. Here's a nice shot of Gryphonne's butt... all joking aside, this shows her outfit from behind, with the buckles on the girdle and a better rendering of the belt-baldric thing. I like the pose, too. That's a big lance she's got there... I wonder, if a lance has blades on it instead of being just a big stick, does it become a sword? 460x600, 60k.

Cynto and Whiteye

Cynto and Whiteye. Documenting the original appearance of Whiteye, in the wild west. This was another Cynto-related Christmas present for my friend Eric. 457x600, 100k.
Whiteye's Lair

Whiteye's Lair. This was actually a cel from the Magic Soldiers opening animation that I finally colored in after 2 years (that's why it looks so old) and added a title to. Happy birthday, Neil!

Drop 'em!

Raz and her gun. Raz likes guns and explosions and "blowing stuff up," but she hates people getting hurt. Guns are for target practice, not for killing people. This is how she'd react if/when she ever has to shoot someone.

Whiteout. Here's a very simple picture of Zelthar. My inspiration for this one was the large amount of snow we had the other night. I pictured Zelthar standing in a snowstorm, his cape billowing in the wind. And since he wears white, the only thing you'd be able to see is what you see here.