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Serge. Here's a drawing I did of Serge from Chrono Cross. I was planning on putting other characters in the pic too, but I never got around to it.

Mem and Melody. These are actually a couple of characters from 10,000 years ago in the Darkbolt storyline. I did Melody's hair wrong, and messed up her school uniform too. But overall I really like it.


Gryphon, her sword drawn. Here's another griffin-back pic of Gryphon, this time with her sword drawn. 510x600, 80k.

Gryphon, her visor down. Here's a pencil sketch closeup on Gryphon with her laser-sight visor down.


Ben Kenshimoto. Ben was an ESWAT character who worked for the corporation that once was Japan. He was seraching for his little sister when he met up with Jason and the rest of the group, and ended up dying when they all went on a self-appointed mission to track down some stolen genetic data.

Gryphon, standing. Riders are the elite military guard who fly on the backs of griffins. The color of the stones on a rider's jewelry denotes rank. Gryphon is only a rookie, so her stones are blue. They advance to green, purple, red, and finally gold. Gryphon is wearing light combat attire, fairly unarmored (to remain lightweight when flying) save the gauntlet on her right hand. Upon reaching Gold Rank, a Rider is given a suit of golden titanium armor, and placed in the elite branch of the Riders. The right-hand gauntlet also holds the sword (magically sealed in it) when not in combat. A long leash-like chain can spring from the handle of the sword to tether the griffin. The visor Gryphon is wearing contains a laser distancing site (that little red dot). In general, I'm not very happy with this picture. Her eyes have no personality, and her face is expressionless. I also forgot to put the griffin symbol on her belt buckle. I think I made her hair too dark, too. Anyway, this was just to give me an idea of what Gryphon's outfit looks like, and I'm still not sure I'll use it. It's a little too simplistic for my tastes.


Gryphon the Rider. Gryphon is a character I've been toying with, drawing rough sketches now and then. This one was another experiment in drawing unusual poses and making the picture look more 3-d. However, the griffin's wings just didn't come out very well. This was done with black colored pencil.

Tamerin, Ranger of the Wood. Tamerin, the young man who raised Whiteye from an early age (who she considers her father) was a human paladin, killed by a dragon named Greenscale. A wacky old druid found Tamerin and reincarnated him as an elf. As a result, Tamerin's memories of his former life have vanished, and he has gone on to become a ranger.


Mountaintop. This is a scene from Whiteye's adventures, where she and the others travelled to a mountaintop inhabited by frost giants to get "a bit of snow from the highest peak in the range", which they must then "melt over the fires of the earth". The frost giants, needless to say, weren't too happy.

Roth, a quick sketch I did. I was just experimenting with making more dynamic, "in-your-face" pictures.