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The ESWAT characters. From left to right, we've got Dr. Castor Discouri, genetic engineer, Jason Davin, "freelancer" and musician, William "Longbow" Mathes, bioroid police officer, Professor Daedalus, cyborg college professor. In the front is Selene, an experimental combat bioroid created by Dr. Dioscouri.

Modern. This is when Whiteye and her companions were sucked through a rift into modern earth. From the left, there's Zelthar (minus his right arm and right eye), Pyroshess, Whiteye, Mertess, and Tek-Rah.

Roth and Whiteye

Glorkaroth and Whiteye. Here's Glorkaroth (aka Roth) and Whiteye, in both their "human" and dragon forms.
Jason Davin

Jason Davin, from the ESWAT game.

The Twins

The Twins, Pyroshess and Mertess. Fire and water mages, respectively.

Roth, the first picture of him. He's supposed to look like a dark elf, with a purplish hue to his skin. He's actually a Deep Dragon in disguise.


Group shot of all the characters from my friend Josh's D&D game. This is all the characters that are currently alive, whether they are currently being played or not. 4 of them are played by me. Each character is clickable, and links to a larger picture.

Hiro, my character in the short-lived L5R game that my friend Zehder ran.


Tek-Rah Felri'An, the first picture of her. She showed up at the city of Trelgenar (a were-creature city) after it was attacked by Glorkaroth the Deep. Ger-thrall, the were-tiger general of Trelgenar, nursed her back to health. That's one of his uniforms she's wearing.

General Erknall, were-puma in charge of defense at a sizeable were-creature town where Whiteye, Tamerin, and Ch'Renna first showed up when they were sent to another world to hide from the evil Corgis.