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Here are some pictures of characters from various stories I've written and/or role-playing games I've partaken in, mostly D&D (Halavin and Zelthar are in a couple of them), although there are a couple from ESWAT (the anime/manga-style cyberpunk game I wrote).


Ch'Renna, the elven priestess of the dragons. She helps raise Whiteye, and has a powerful silver dragon hiding within her.

Raz. It's Raz... little girl, big gun... the picture doesn't do the gun justice. She also drives a little tank, sort of like Bonaparte from Tank Police.

The Skeletons

Winzi and Grazonu, the skeletons from Magic Soldiers.

Kerra Dukelle, from Magic Soldiers (among other places). This is an unshaded picture that I whipped together to test out the colors for the video version of the anime.

Mahou Senshi

Magic Soldiers. The main cast of the anime (minus Zelthar). Rysa, Kerra, Phalin, and Whiteye.

Zelthar, on a stoney background. I never shaded this one, but I think it still looks pretty good.


Yoram, from a game I ran a long time ago. He's an intelligent golem, with a powerful gem in his right eye. He keeps it covered with hair to keep anyone from seeing it. He lost his memory, and was searching for his creator (who turned out to be an evil arch-wizard).

Ramar, the young elf warrior born to defeat a powerful evil wizard. Pat did a really good job playing Ramar, and I went overboard on the equipment I gave him (a sword that shot energy blasts, powerful armor, and an item that regenerates damage at an insane rate).


Cynto and Sharia. This picture is old, but I'm still really happy with it. I made this for my friend Eric (Cynto was his character) for Christmas.

Talyona, the first player-character in the first game I ever ran... A winged elf, priestess of the god of magic.