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This is where you can find all the logos used in the first couple site designs. Newer logos are at the bottom.

A rather angry-looking Naoko as Darkbolt. Featured in week 1 (7/1/99).
Yasha, queen of the Tenma clan. Featured in week 2 (7/8/99).
General Dakuu and the 4 Demon Orbs. Featured in week 3 (7/15/99).
Naoko Yamino in school uniform. Featured in week 4 (7/21/99).
Shiori Murasaki, with her glowing crystal pendant. Featured in week 5 (7/28/99).
Ikkou Zenkai. Featured in week 6 (8/4/99).
Johji Murasaki. Featured in weeks 7 and 8 (8/11/99 through 8/18/99).
Naoko in a blue dress and sweater. Featured in week 9 (8/25/99).
Darkbolt, the Demon of Darkness. Featured in weeks 10 through 14 (9/1/99 through 9/29/99).
Mariko Ikusa in her karate gi, ready to take on the Demon of Darkness. Featured in week 15 (10/7/99).
Shiori Murasaki, brushing aside her long hair, and wearing a hot red outfit. Featured in week 16 (10/13/99).
Yun Shino, katana ready. Featured in week 17 (10/20/99).
Naoko Yamino, her dress torn, revealing the Orb in her chest. Featured in weeks 18 through 20 (10/27/99 through 11/10/99).
Yasha and Dakuu of the Tenma. Featured in week 21 (11/17/99).
Crystal, the Tenma monster. Featured in week 22 (11/24/99).

At this point, I've lost track of when these logos were used, since I had to swap back and forth a bit. So, they're just listed, no dates. Gomen...

Naoko, looking rather angry.
Stemm, the Tenma monster.
Stemm and Naoko.
The Demons of War and Death.
Mariko and Yun as the Demons of War and Death.
Ikkou Zenkai standing, looking ticked off.
Ikkou's transformation into the Demon of Destruction.
The Demon of Destruction, in Ikkou's body, preparing to unleash Golden Crash.
The Demon of Destruction.
Sensha. That's all.
Dakuu versus the Demon of Destruction.
Black and white sketch of Naoko.
Semi-colorized sketch of Naoko.
That same sketch of Naoko, fully colored.
An M1-A5 Abrams tank.
Ikkou, reaching high, climbing his way to freedom.
Destruction preparing to unleash a mighty attack.
Destruction, lit from the side by a large explosion.
Naoko, transformed, poised for battle.
Death Soul!!
Ikkou, slumping over, on the verge of giving up all hope of freedom.
Chibi Ikkou!!
Mariko, her hand on her hip, a cool red shadow behind her.
Naoko, hands outstretched to block Destruction's attack.
Same as above, with the golden glow of Destruction's energy blast.
Dakuu, reaching forward to tear the Orb from Naoko's chest.
Ikkou, finally regaining control of his own body, and inadvertently destroying the world.

That's all the logos up until the world gets blown up. Below are the "From the Ashes" logos.

The face of the Phoenix Samurai, Fushi Toriyama.
A single phoenix feather.
Shiori's pendant, rendered in 3D.
Ikkou attempting to console Naoko. What do you say after blowing up the world? "Oops?"
The Angel of Life, arms crossed, brandishing his mighty nodachi.
The Phoenix Samurai from behind.
Fushi and Naoko, from the photo Fushi now carries with him.
BLEAH!!!! Mariko.
Lang of the Tenma, with a small tornado in his hand.
Ikkou yelling again. This is a slightly different version than the one above.
Ikkou dashing after Naoko, to save her from the Tenma.
Naoko and Fushi. Bitter enemies? Hmmm...
The Christmas 2000 picture, with the whole gang decked out for the holidays. Poor Delphus...
Naoko reflected in a tabletop.
Tempus. What a fruitcake.
Lang's final moments, the Death Soul rising up behind him.
Naoko and the Demon of Darkness. Just a rehash of two old logos.
Naoko and a Valentine's Day gift. My sorry attempt at a Valentine's Day picture. T_T;
The Demon Darkbolt and the Orb of Life.
Delphus, Mariko, and Naoko.
Fushi and the Orb of Life.
Fushi and the fiery Wing Blade.
The last logo of Delphus and Tempus. Ah, they will be sorely missed...
Ikkou: "I'm number one!"
Katsu, Hana, and Nobu.
Yun and his katana.
Queen Yasha of the Tenma.
A new picture of Johji Murasaki.
Shiya, the blind Tenma seer.
The issue 100 celebration!
Kansha, the Tenma warder, hair of fire.
Mariko transforming, as she prepares to face Gleya on even ground.
Gleya with her glaive, in her final moments before her defeat by Mariko.
Yun and his spirit powers, as he confronts Kansha.
Inverted sketch of Mariko and Yun.
Kakko of the Tenma (same picture as in the Characters section).
A Tenma Armour. These guys are similar to Delphus, only stronger. Yasha uses them for sparring.
Ikkou's gauntlet of Destruction.
Chibi Lynx and Serge, from Otakon 2001.
Kakko and Naoko, watching helplessly as Ikkou confronts Onchi and Shiya.
Onchi and a purple guitar.
Naoko, half-transformed, her school uniform torn asunder.
Sensha, as her plans to overthrow Yasha begin to fall into place.
The main cast of Darkbolt: Ikkou, Mariko, Naoko, and Yun, in their transformed states.
Ikkou, surrounded in a golden aura of power, at the end of his battle with the Tenma Armour.
Queen Yasha of the Tenma, crying over what she must do to Sensha for her betrayal.
The shattered symbol of the Tenma, as Yasha falls to the humans.
Mariko from behind, from her last few minutes of life.
The Demon of Evil, her scythe-like claws gleaming in the light.
Naoko, as she lets loose on Evil.
The monstrous visages of Yun, Naoko, and Mariko, under the influence of Evil's Violet Web attack.
Ikkou, lit from the side, as he returns to the Tenma flagship to battle Evil.
Ikkou, a purple shadow behind him, as he succumbs to Evil's mind control.
Ikkou with the symbol of the Tenma on his forehead.
Fushi, holding in his hand a small burning flame.
Naoko and a fiery logo, when she and the others are inside the fires of the Orb of Life.
The purple Orb of the Demon of Evil.
The green Orb of the Angel of Life.
Mariko and Yun, from the interlude.
Yun's grandfather, priest of the Holy Sanctuary.
Mariko and Yun, in the forest near the temple of the Holy Knight.
Katsunori Ishi, as he confronts the Holy Knight to protect Ikkou.