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The Phoenix Samurai

The Phoenix Samurai, by Jen Emling. A cool little sprite of Fushi, based on the stuff here. 161x157, 20k.

Montage, by Mizzy. I really like this one. I want to make a T-shirt out of it. 600x732, 175k.
Mariko and Lie

Mariko and Lie, by Mizzy. Does Lie really have this sort of control over Mariko? Hmm... 628x676, 125k.

Undies!, by Val. Apparently this is what Val would draw every week if she drew Darkbolt... 598x600, 108k.
Darkbolt Sprites

Darkbolt Sprites, by Jen Emling. Another cool set of sprites, this time based on the stuff at http://www.ataripixels.net/kitten/. Really cool! 173x72, 12k.
Chocolate Pocky

Chocolate Pocky, by Mizzy. Johji being a little too bishonen-ish... 400x700, 84k.
Yun Fan Service

Yun,, wet and scantily clad... with a crow on his head. 218x600, 40k.
Naoko and Mariko dolls

Naoko and Mariko dolls, by Saiai Tokoya. These are a couple really cool custom dolls made at Xandorra's Place. Very cool!! 307x206, 12k.
Yun and Ikkou dolls

Yun and Ikkou dolls, by Saiai Tokoya. A couple more custom Darkbolt dolls made at Xandorra's Place. 330x230, 12k.
Naoko and Shiori

Naoko and Shiori on Christmas, by Mizzy. Maybe I should give Mizzy her own section in the gallery... ^_^ 414x750, 96k.