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Yun, by Scribe. Very nice pencil drawing of Yun. Hopefully we'll get some more from Scribe! 518x600, 68k.
Yun Christmas

A short Yun Christmas strip, by Mizzy. She got Yun's obliviousness (is that even a word?) just right. Something tells me Mariko would have something to say about this though. 905x279, 52k.
Yun Christmas

(Untitled), by Codie. A really cool "poster" with a bunch of the main Darkbolt characters in it. 572x832, 132k.
Yun and Death

Yun and Death, by Mizzy. This is cool... more from Yun's biggest fan! 677x700, 100k.
In the Snow

In the Snow, by Mizzy. I really like this one. Great coloring job. 600x579, 120k.
The Kiss

The Kiss, by Val. Ikkou kisses Naoko... and must face the consequences! 316x442, 68k.

Furbolt, by Mizzy. Poor Ikkou... what is he, anyway? 600x665, 136k.

Mizzy and Val, my official groupies, by Mizzy. Honest, I didn't ask her to draw this! And I don't think I'm that tall... 480x650, 131k.
Pink Slip

Pink Slip, by Val. This is what Val does during class while she's supposed to be paying attention to her teacher. Ahem.
Four Cherubim

Four Cherubim, by Mizzy. Tetsu, Dou, Tenkou, and Kin, four of the Seven Cherubim.