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Happy Summer

Happy Summer, by Mizzy. Naoko and Mariko in appropriate summer attire. 504x650, 84k.
Mariko (and Yun)

Mariko (and Yun), by Val. It's Mariko... and chibi-Yun. What more can I say? 499x520, 92k.
Show Him the Love

Show Him the Love, by Mizzy. Someone likes Yun a little too much... 309x650, 68k.
Yun: Death

Yun and Death, by Mizzy. Third Yun pic, with Death's crowlike form entwined around him. I really like this one. 421x850, 160k.
Yun: Temple

Yun at the Temple, by Mizzy. Second Yun pic in pencil, with that poor little crow. My, how his wing is healing... 650x420, 148k.
Yun: Suit

Yun in his suit, by Mizzy. First in a set of three Yun pics, very nicely done in colored pencil. 250x700, 76k.
Dark Destruction

Dark Destruction, by Val Hochberg. Naoko and Destruction. Really nice style... I love her artwork. Another Ikkou fan is born. 544x630, 106k.
Evil Ikkou

Evil Ikkou, by Val Hochberg. Great color pic of Ikkou/Destruction, in the dark days when Destruction ran free. 420x560, 98k.
The Cast

The Cast of Darkbolt, by Noah Bench. A nice montage of a bunch of older pictures. 640x480, 56k.

Naoko, by Rejeeta. Naoko and the Demon Darkbolt. I like the pose in this one. 604x792, 36k.