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To Mariko, From Yun

To Mariko, From Yun, by Neil Weber. Apparently this only took like half an hour to make. I love it...

Mariko, by Noah Bench. Great coloring job on a sketch of Mariko I did a while back. 247x600, 40k.

Ikkou, by Yingzhi Zhang. This picture rocks. I wish I could color like that. 750x856, 117k.
All Is Calm

All is Calm, by Neil Weber. The whole gang gathered round a Christmas tree.
Story Contest Entry

Neil Weber's story contest submission. Krieg and the Tenma armour. 700x800, 92k.

Hope Betrayed, by Taeko. Another entry to the story contest. 580x742, 136k.
Revenge (Concept)

Revenge (Concept) by Neil Weber. This is the original concept for "Revenge", below. Ugh... people really liked Onchi!

Lifeline, by Neil Weber. A very cool picture, with lyrics by The Nixons.
The Phoenix Samurai

The Phoenix Samurai by Adam Zakowicz. This was put together from two other pictures I did, and I think it came out great!

Candlelight, by Neil Weber. I should probably just make a section for Neil's stuff. The majority of art here is his. Anyway, this one is really nice. Done in a similar fashion as Violet Eyes, only with a photo background and song lyrics and stuff.