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Glorkaroth and Whiteye

Glorkaroth and Whiteye by me. I did this one as a Christmas present for Neil.

Kyllian by me. Neil's birthday present; it's Kyllian, the son (and third offspring) of Roth and Whiteye. This one was really simplistic, and not nearly as cool as I had hoped.
From the Ashes

From the Ashes by Neil Weber. A phoenix-winged Fushi surrounded by a desolate Earth.
Darkbolt 100th

Darkbolt 100th by Neil Weber. The Tenma finally get even with me for killing them all off.

The Demon of Chaos? by Lightningdrake. An interesting idea... 800x486, 68k.

Naoko, by Hope Larson. Very cool pic of Naoko by another RIT student! Check out her web site! Thanks, Hope! 350x1010, 88k.
Future Naoko

Naoko in the future, by Artboy. The armor is a welcome addition to her usually scant costume. 366x600,44k.
Future Mariko

Mariko in the future, by Artboy. Blades, blades, and more blades! 452x600, 56k
Future Yun

Yun in the future, by Artboy. Those are not shoulder pads... them's SHODAMAPADS! 401x600, 52k
Future Ikkou

Ikkou in the future, by Artboy. Nothing like a suit of armor with rocket boosters on the back. 507x600, 60k.