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Mariko: Demon of War

Mariko: Demon of War, by Sarah N. The name says it all! Really cool pic of Mariko and War. 800x1120, 220k.

Rollerskating, by Mizzy. Human-form Shoki and Chou, skating in a parking lot.
400th Congrats

400th Congrats, by Geoff Willingham. A very thoughtful collage of past pages with a nice overlay of Yun and Mari, marking Darkbolt's 400th issue. Thank you, Geoff!
Threesome Tango

Threesome Tango, by Mizzy. Dolands, Michiru, and Johji, dancing the tango... 777x1000, 380k.
Tenma Birthday

Tenma Birthday, by Mizzy. Mizzy did this picture for my birthday in 2006. I started coloring it, then we sort of forgot about it. She finished coloring it, so here it is!
Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces, by Mizzy. The Tenma trio from Reflecting Time... broken, and falling apart... or coming together? 800x693, 228k.

Sangray, by Val. The first-ever picture of Sangray, as originally envisioned by Val. I'll admit, I did make a few modifications after this was drawn. 450x501, 224k.

Dragomir, by Val (and me). I sketched this one, and Val inked it, adding her own style to it. I really like how it came out. And maybe Mizzy or I will color it, adding even further to its coolness! 582x800, 132k.

Flirting, by Robert Ziefel. Michiru in a dress... and you can bet both Joshi and Dolands have nosebleeds! 578x700, 80k.
Angst Drama

Angst Drama, by Mizzy. Johji and Dolands want the love... 638x670, 94k.