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Fan Art

Fan Art, by Mizzy. A very nicely done pencil piece of the main group.
Bishoujo Sleeping

Johji and George, by Mizzy. Apparently in Paradise Kiss there's a character named George, with blue hair. The Japanese pronunciation of "George" is "Johji". Go figure. 455x727, 156k.
Bishoujo Sleeping

Bishoujo Sleeping, by Mizzy. All the lovely ladies of Darkbolt. 800x531, 176k.
Bishounen Nappy

Bishounen Nappy, by Mizzy. Another one for the ladies, this time it's the guys lying around. 800x500, 124k.
Bishounen Johji

Bishounen Johji, by Mizzy. A very pretty Johji with long hair. Hmmm, maybe I'll have him grow it out... for the ladies! ^_^ 650x517, 96k.

Naoko, by JEwell2581. Chibi Naoko!
The Phoenix Samurai

the Phoenix Samurai, by Anna Schlunaker. An excellent drawing of Fushi! 500x560, 132k.
Never Alone

Never Alone, by Neil Weber. Naoko and Fushi. I really like the sketchy quality of this, and the song lyrics fit nicely too.
Fushi, Shiya, and Chou

Fushi, Shiya, and Chou, by Chris Bolton. A bit of a redraw of one of my other Chaos Continuum pictures, with a cool addition of Chou. 426x600, 56k.
Zodia: Virgo

Zodiac: Virgo, by Mizzy. Johji as his birth sign. *twitch* 525x687, 88k.