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Zodia: Taurus

Zodiac: Taurus, by Mizzy. Mariko as her birth sign. 522x688, 172k.
Zodia: Pisces

Zodiac: Pisces, by Mizzy. Yun as his birth sign, and the Yun-fish! 516x688, 92k.
Zodia: Sagittarius

Zodiac: Sagittarius, by Mizzy. Ikkou as his birth sign. 519x688, 176k.
Zodia: Scorpio

Zodiac: Scorpio, by Mizzy. Shiori as her birth sign. 529x688, 168k.
Zodia: Libra

Zodiac: Libra, by Mizzy. Fushi as his birth sign. 519x688, 148k.
Zodia: Cancer

Zodiac: Cancer, by Mizzy. Naoko as her birth sign. 528x688, 140k.
Shoki Dancing

Shoki Dancing, in human form, by Mizzy. What more can I say? ^_^ 700x650, 144k.
The Darkness Inside

The Darkness Inside, by Robert Ziefel. "Everyone has darkness inside of themselves. Mine is more dangerous. One day, it might escape my control."
Naoko Makes a Friend

Naoko Makes a Friend, by Robert Ziefel. Naoko is reading on a bench at the bus stop, and along comes a butterfly...
Must Be Spring

Must Be Spring, by Mizzy. Yun and Mariko happily enjoying a change in the weather. 465x500, 48k.