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Chou and Shoki

Chou and Shoki in human form, by Mizzy. 667x750, 224k.
Staring at the Sun

Staring at the Sun, by Mizzy. Shiori, atop lyrics by Rooster. 635x650, 157k.

Naoko, by Jerry Kong. Awesome picture of Naoko! 471x648, 284k.
Fushi: Evergreen

Fushi: Evergreen,by Mizzy. Fushi reflecting on some very nice J-pop lyrics.
Dark Naoko

Dark Naoko in color, by Mizzy. A very dark, somewhat evil Naoko. 399x700, 72k.
New Species?

New Species?, by JEwell2581. A catlike Naoko and the Angel of Love, as a human-bound Orb. 600x750, 92k.
Dark Roses

Dark Roses, by JEwell2581. Naoko and Love in a field of roses. 600x600, 68k.
Butterfly Dress

Butterfly Dress, by Mizzy. A slightly alternate-color version of Naoko's performance costume. 521x700, 72k.
FireFly Night

FireFly Night, by JEwell2581. Naoko in space... 576x720, 96k.

Powerless in color, by Mizzy. One of my old sketches colored beautifully by the talented Mizzy! 600x450, 120k.