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Normal Life

Normal Life, by Mizzy. Another colored and altered series of pics, from issue 266. 558x483, 456k.
Perfect Evening

Perfect Evening, by Mizzy. A colored and somewhat spiffied pic from issue 266. 800x282, 316k.
City of Heroes

City of Heroes screenshots, by Master Wonderful. Awesome City of Heroes versions of Darkbolt characters! 1024x1536, 228k.

Faint, by Mizzy. A colored montage of several frames from issue 264.1024x768, 160k.
Groovin' Shiori

Groovin' Shiori, by Mizzy. Very nice pencil sketch of Shiori in a very unique outfit. Mizzy now officially beats Neil in number of fanart pics! 469x650, 46k.
Johji's Pain

Johji's Pain, by Mizzy. A colored collage of several comic panels and other pics. Really cool stuff, really captures what's going on inside Johji! 500x466, 34k.
Mariko with a Staff

Mariko with a staff, by Geoff Willingham. Really cool pic of Mari, by the author of Reality high, and one of my students! 700x254, 12k.
Darkbolt Kids and Paint...

Darkbolt Kids and Paint Equals Mess, by Mizzy. Shiori is having WAY too much fun with the purple paint. 766x600, 184k.
Emerging Wings

Emerging Wings, by Mizzy. A very cool pic of Yun. 481x600, 88k.
Strawberry Pocky

Strawberry Pocky, by Mizzy. Look, Yun's pink heart boxers! Oh yeah, he and Shoki are eating some strawberry Pocky, too. 288x600, 100k.