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Here are a few pictures drawn by people other than me, involving various characters. I chose to put them here instead of under the categories they actually belong to in order to prevent them from getting mixed in with mine. I'm always happy to get any artwork from anyone, Darkbolt related or whatever, to put up here, so if you've got some art you want to see online, let me know!

The Whiteboard

Artboy's scrawlings, installment #1. Beware the artist with too much free time!

Whiteye and the Sword of Tamerin, by Neil Weber. Whiteye was orginally just a name of a white dragon I had in my head for the D&D game I was running a couple years back. Neil took on the task of making her real... here she is, kneeling before the sword of her "father", while her companions look on. 479x600, 256k.
Angel of Love

The Angel of Love, by Adam Ross. Yet another Angel design by Artboy. Imagine pink hair... 609x576, 124k.
Angel of Order

Lady Justice, by Adam Ross. Another great pic from Artboy, this one of the Angel of Order (aka Lady Justice). The blindfold is engraved with the Kanji for "justice". 479x720, 108k.

The Felri'An family, by Neil Weber. Here's Halavin, Coeurl, Tek-Rah, and Zelthar, in a very touching picture that I'd pay money for... The words are lyrics from a song. 750x600, 196k.

Jason and the Wolf, by Neil Weber. A bit of plot from the ESWAT game. The man holding the little boy concocted a serum that genetically alters normal humans to turn them into werewolves under moonlight, then injected his son with it. After his son was killed, he took it himself, and bit Jason on the shoulder. Jason killed him too. 481x600, 152k.
Angel of Life

The Phoenix Samurai, by Adam Ross. I needed a character design for the Angel of Life, in his true form, for the Darkbolt RPG, and Adam was nice enough to come up with this kick-butt picture. 362x600, 108k.

Love, by Neil Weber. Halavin and Coeurl. I really like the detail in this one.

Coeurl, by Neil Weber. The displacer beast. 750x600, 96k.

Whiteye, by Neil Weber. This is probably one of the very first Whiteye pictures ever, and I liked it so much I just had to include it here. As you can see, she originally didn't have horns. I added those for Magic Soldiers, my ill-fated anime, and they sort of stuck in the game. 610x575, 96k.