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Christmas '05

Christmas '05. Naoko has a present for Fushi.
Halloween '05

Halloween '05. See if you can guess who everyone is!
Crying Heavens

Crying Heavens. Toki and Hana. Even the sky cries for those who have lost so much.
Late Mari

Late Mari. As usual, Mariko is late catching up with Naoko on the way to school.
V-day '05

V-day '05. Shiori and Ikkou on Valentine's Day (yes, I know it's late).
Metal Pose

Metal Pose. Naoko, Mariko, and Yun, the three Demons, ready for battle.
Rise Phoenix

Rise, Phoenix. Fushi as the resurrected Angel of Life, alongside Sensha and Shiya.
Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball. The gang playing a friendly game by the ocean under the summer sun.
Masters of Chaos

Masters of Chaos. The Demon of Chaos and his two masters.

Jerk. Johji leaning on a wall covered in graffiti.