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Destroy. I had big plans for this one, and actually put together a pic with some song lyrics and other pieces but I like this simple version better.

Splintered, Sort of a cast shot of Elysium. I wanted to add more to this, but it turned out fine as-is. Not quite sure what the title means, it just came to me... This one's bigger, since I think most people have larger than 800x600 screens these days: 1024x768, 149k.

Elysium, another plot-spoiling picture from Darkbolt E. I did this all in colored pencil, and realized half way through it that I should haev varied the skin tones a little bit. Oh well. Maybe I'll redo it eventually. I'm not real happy with how revealing it is of Shiori and Satsuo... ^_^;
Golden Crash

Golden Crash. A very battered Ikkou and his infamous world-destroyer... I liked this one so much, I even uploaded a larger version.
Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes. Merry Christmas '02! My sorry attempt at a holiday picture this year...
Holding Time

Holding Time. This picture gives away way too much, but I think it came out really nice so I'm posting it here anyway. ^_^
Naoko Watercolor

Watercolor of Naoko. I was digging through my old art again and found this watercolor I did of Naoko. It needs some work, but I thought I'd put it up anyway. 502x590, 102k.
Autumn Rain

Autumn Rain. I drew this picture of Ikkou a long time ago and just found it in a pile of papers. I'm not sure why I discarded it before, so I added Naoko and threw in some lyrics from Forever as One for good measure, because they fit so well.
Ikkou Sketch

Ikkou, a sketch of Ikkou I found in that same pile of papers.

Holding. Another pencil sketch I found from long ago. I'd like to remake this one. Their heads are too big. 500x497, 52k.