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Spirit Sword

Spirit Sword. Yun and the Spirit Sword, with the spirit of the Holy Knight lending moral support.

Torn. A sketch of Yun that I did in graphite pencil on graph paper with lines that are way too dark. I tried my best to fix it up, and this is the result. 600x761, 72k.

Blades. Here's a pic I did a long time ago, but again I didn't want to spoil anything. Mariko's blade was a pain in the rear to get to look right. Here's the original poster.
Wing Blade Sketch

Wing Blade (sketch). This is the picture of Naoko I had said I was working on. I still need to color it, but I thought I'd put it online pre-colored to give people and idea of what it looks like so far. 304x600, 25k.
Naoko and Yun Sketch

Sketches of Naoko and Yun, in their new costumes. I did this a little while back, but didn't want to put it up and spoil the fact that Yun has a sword. ^_^

Clash. I'm still not sure about the background on this one; I'd like to do something more elaborate and interesting. Anyway, it's a picture of Naoko facing off against the Holy Knight with Chou, the Phoenix Wing Blade.
Pendant Light

Pendant Light. This was a sketch I did a long time ago that I intended on coloring in and putting a cool background in, but I never got around to it. There's supposed to be a glowing ball of light floating near her left hand. I still like the picture, though, so here it is. 306x600, 32k.
Valentine Date

Valentine Date. Just a little Valentine's Day picture... 476x600, 80k.
Christmas 2001

Christmas 2001Of the three X-mas designs I came up with, this one won out over the others, just on sheer cuteness alone. I think I'll use one of the others next year. This one's kind of big, so watch out. 640x800, 160k.
Things to Come

Things to Come. A preview poster of the next four Darkbolt storylines, including the Audio Drama. I'm really happy with this one. 476x600, 144k.