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Darkbolt, Demon of Darkness. Here's a new updated picture of Darkbolt himself, by request from one of my readers. I added a logo on the side that I think makes the picture look much better. I had a little trouble with his thumb, though, and edited it a little bit after scanning it in.
Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror. My first picture with song lyrics. This kept me up until 3:00 Saturday night. Then I didn't get any sleep anyway. Thanks, Mountain Dew.
Destruction's Rage

Destruction's Rage. I did this while I was particularly angry about the whole terrorism thing on September 11, 2001. Ikkou has faced many things that have stood in his way and made life miserable for him, and they all flash by in the background of this image.
Phoenix Light

Phoenix Light. I whipped this sketch together as an experiment. I'm still not sure if it turned out or not.
Beautiful Twilight

Utsukushii Higure. For a long time, I've wanted to make a picture using the amazing sunset I got on film in Japan, and here's what I finally came up with!
Concerto Finale

Concerto Finale. Here's one made using the logo graphic of Onchi from her last appearance. The drawing was actually originally intended for this pic, but I used it for the logo too. I had to clear off a ton of space on my hard drive to actually save this one. It was big, and had lots of layers. Ugh.
Ikkou Boom (Dark)

Ikkou Boom (Light). This is a montage of the logo and the top panel on page 4 of issue 110.
Ikkou Boom (Dark)

Ikkou Boom (Dark). I hope all you PC users out there can see this. It looks really cool on my Mac, but PCs are darker. Anyway, this was sort of an accident, from messing around with layer options on IkkouBoomLight.
Mari and Yun Sketch

Sketch of Mariko and Yun. For being such a quick sketch, I was really happy with how Mari came out here. This was done with black Prismacolor pencil.
Fail to Be

Fail to Be. Naoko and the Orb of Life. I messed around with this one for a while, and this is what I finally came up with. Figuring out the Japanese for "don't let me fail to be" was the hardest part. The exact translation doesn't quite work... ^_^