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Naoko Glow. This was my second attempt at drawing Naoko for Rush Battle (the first one really blew). I love the face on this one, but I messed up the hand (not that you'd be able to see it in the final), and I made her arm too long (I fixed that though). OK, so I have no idea why I didn't use this one...
Rush Battle

Rush Battle. Another 6-hour project. I'd like to make a big huge poster out of this one. 480x600, 140k.
Delphus, Mariko, Naoko

Delphus, Mariko, and Naoko. This picture was originally just a logo, but I put way too much work into it to just leave it at that. I added an old picture of Naoko I had to the background, even though the shading on her is way off.
Rush Battle: Rough

Rush Battle, rough sketch. Extremely rough. There are a few things about it that I like, so I put it up. I particularly like Yun's and Naoko's poses. You can't see Fushi in this one... 469x600, 64k.
Mariko Sketch

Sketch: Mariko. A sketch I did a while back of Mariko, for the Darkbolt RPG rulebook. 247x600, 28k.
Naoko Sketch

Sketch: Naoko. Another sketch, this one of Naoko, for the RPG rules. 247x600, 28k.
Samurai Cross

Samurai Cross. The Phoenix Samurai, the Angel of Life. From the logo. It's not perfect, but it's still cool, I think. ^_^

Naoko Face, Ink Sketch. I recently found this one on the floor in my basement. Artboy liked it, so I put it up here. This was a sketch done on lined paper, entirely in ink (no pencil at all). 400x400, 44k.
Last Lang Standing

Last Lang Standing. Lang's final moments, from the logo. I just liked the way Lang turned out.

Sadness. If you really want to go blind trying to focus on a blurry image...