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Life Fire

Life Fire, with Fushi and Naoko. This one was a real pain because I thought it would look nice if I did it in pencil... coloring it ended up being a full-day chore. Ugh. And I missed some of the edges, too. 432x600, 156k.

Confusion. I feel so bad for Naoko... and I'm the writer. ^_^ 424x600, 132k.
Skirt Sketch

Sketch of Naoko. This was a sketch I made and colored to get Naoko's outfit figured out for Life Fire. 299x600, 48k.

Ripple. Sensha and Lang. I wonder if they really have this kind of relationship? 368x600, 108k.
Sheer Beauty

Sheer Beauty. Yes, I know this is not characteristic for Naoko, I just had to draw this. 367x600, 76k.
Soft Reflection

Soft Reflection. Naoko, in some other time, reflects on the photo of her and the Phoenix Samurai.
Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes. Who can guess who this is? Come on, you should know... I was really happy with the outcome of this picture, and went around showing it to everyone. It was done with plain old pencil, then scanned, and colored entirely by hand with the airbrush in Photoshop. Gives it a nice hand-painted feel, doesn't it?
Here's a 1024x768 version.
Halloween 2000

Halloween 2000. Here's the cast dressed up as their respective Demons for Halloween. It was kind of a rush job... Don't you just love Ikkou's costume? "What am I supposed to be, anyway? A sloth?"
Passing Angel

Passing Angel. This was a sketch I made that I colored in and ended up really liking. In fact, I liked it so much, I put up 2 versions! This is the smaller version (800x600, 260k)
Here's the big one (1024x768, 368k).
Yun Poster

Yun. Finally a picture of Yun. It's not shaded, but I think it still looks OK. 600x737, 120k.