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Destruction Saga

The Destruction Saga. This one is old, and not shaded, and the faces look a little sloppy, but I figured I toss it up here anyway.
Ikkou Poster

Ikkou and Destruction, in the wastelands of Destruction's soul. This one is really simplistic too, but think it came out pretty good. This is another one I've had around for a long time. 600x776, 144k.
Yamino Naoko

Yamino Naoko. This picture is actually a couple months old. I forgot I had made it, and I found it while I was sifting through Darkbolt pictures on my hard drive. It's simple, but I'm still happy with it.
Phoenix Samurai

The Phoenix Samurai. I really like this one. He looks mature and male (two things I often have trouble with).
Young Dakuu

Young Dakuu, a picture I made a while back and never got around to putting in the gallery. The body shape isn't all that great, but if you're wondering what Dakuu looked like with long hair 10,000 years ago, here he is.

There's a poster in Naoko's room, and this is it. It's Tiauna, from my lengthy and yet unfinished novel "Beneath the Clouds". And I'm not a furry-lover, really... 600x824, 224k.

Destruction, with an explosion in the background. I put an unusual amount of work into this one, and it doesn't really show. I was waiting for a CD to finish writing on my computer while I inked this one in, and I just kept tweaking little details. Anyway, here it is.
Poster '99-'00

The Darkbolt 1-year anniversary poster. This one took me quite a while... 600x863, 308k.

A black and white sketch of Naoko transforming. 392x449, 48k.

Dakishimete... "Hold Me". Naoko and Ikkou. I drew this one a while back, and I loved it so much that I was hesitant to ink it in, afraid I'd mess it up. But it turned out pretty good!