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Otakon 2003

Not much to say this year... the con seemed to haev gone downhill. Too many people and not enough organization. Anyway, here is a picture of our costumes, Duuz and Kosei from Angel Links!

Otakon 2002

To start off, here's this year's Omake of the 'con (by Neil Weber).

Second, I would like to thank Robert Ziefel for lugging around all our stuff. ^_^
There's also this pic Neil did of Bud and Wan.
Now for the pictures...
Here is the best picture of our costumes that I've got. From what I understand, the Otakon site does not recognize me and Neil as the contest winners. Well, here's proof. We were also in the Con book in our costumes from last year, which was pretty cool. But there were some really terrific costumes this year. Here are some highlights:

Otakon 2001

First the pre-registered people had to wait in line for 3 hours, while the folks who were lazy and didn't register ahead of time got to go in nice and early. Kind of makes you wonder what the point of pre-reg is, doesn't it?

But the biggest problem was in the costume contest. There were something like 12,000 people at Otakon this year, and I'd say one fourth of them were in costume (of course, my estimates are always really bad; there were a lot of people in costume!) The line for costume contest judging was huge, and the wait lasted well over 4 hours... until they told us they were stopping the judging, and no other costumes would be judged. Needless to say, many of us were quite upset. Grr. They need a new system for that... Anyway, there were a lot of angry people. Then the judges announced that they would go down the line and pick out a few more for the judging, and they almost walked right past me and Neil, but we were lucky and they got us. But believe me, all of you out there who didn't get judged and deserved it, I sympathize with you. It sucked. I was mad, and am writing to the staff, despite the fact that I got judged.

So, in consideration of those who weren't judged, I've put together a bunch of photos of those costumes that I thought were perfect, but didn't get judged.
It's right here. Unfortunately, there were a few others that I thought were perfect (this one Trigun group was very well done) but we didn't get pictures of everyone. If anyone has any idea who these people's names are, or has other photos from Otakon 2001 that they think are worthy of recognition, let me know.

And here's a really nice picture of our completed costumes. Yeah, that's a wig. And yeah, Lynx's mouth moves, and he has cat-eye contacts. And yeah, that's real chain mail. And yeah, those are claws on Lynx's hands. I could go on and on...

Just because it's so freakin' cool, here's the best costume at the whole show, Tallgeese! All made in fiberglass, he can walk around and everything. I guess it took him a year to make, and he had boosters on the back but they were too heavy. Wow. Yes, he won a prize. If he hadn't, I would have had to hurt someone.