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Darkbolt Fan Fiction

In order to read the stories, you'll need the Acrobat Reader.

Dreams, by Mizzy. A look into the mind of Death and the other Demon hosts.
Darkbolt Prelude, by D.S.. The first part in a multi-part story.

Belriert's Legacy, part 1, by D.S.. Yasha's son journeys to Earth to retake the Demons.
Darkbolt Winter, Chapter 1, by Dustin D Cameron. I can't wait to see more of this. It's one of the most accurate portrayals of Darkbolt characters I've seen so far! Great stuff! I urge you to read this, all 71 pages of it.
The Demon of Chaos, by Reni Taylor. Based on a bit of reader speculation... it's a story of the Demon of Chaos.
Hope Betrayed, by Roel Calderon. A story set in the future, when a school has been established to train children to control the powers of the Demon Orbs. Winning story in the Darkbolt story contest.
Enter Peace, by Robert Truszka. The Angel of Peace appears, and Onchi lives...
Natalia, mother of Yasha, by Dan Silva. The title says it all.

Demon's Claw, by Adam Zakowicz. This story rocks, if you can get through all 103 pages!

A Year with Peace, by Robert Truszka. A bit more elaboration on the story of Onchi and the Angel of Peace.
Real Demons, by Josh Brodersen. Apparently, after the popularity of MTV's "Real World", they decided to do a spinoff called "Real Demons." Really funny stuff! But Death is not a woman... HTML format.

Dark Demon Battle Rangers, by Josh Brodersen. I love this...

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