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Otakon 2001 Costumes: Sean's Picks for Winners

In no particular order, here are my choices for the best costumes at Otakon 2001:

Here's Claudia, from Macross (Robotech). She actually did win a prize, but I wanted to put her in here anyway. The costume was just way too perfect.
This Deed costume (Lodoss War) was just right. Very nice detail, even down to the sword. Love it.
I was mad that this Eiko (Final Fantasy IX) costume didn't even get judged, let alone picked. It was way too perfect. Down to the laces on the pants, the bug buckles, the boots, the horn... she had it all!
A very nice Luna costume (from Lunar, for the Playstation). She got it just right.
The girls from Maho Tsukaitai. These costumes were perfect in every detail. Those wands were amazing... I had wondered how they made them in the show (yes, I know it's just a cartoon, not real life) but I got to hold one of those little works of art, and now I understand all.
This Ryoko (from Tenchi Muyo) had two sets of clothes, both perfectly executed. But what really impressed me was the hair. Man...
Yeah, there were a lot of Vash costumes (from Trigun), but this guy's was by far the best. He had every detail perfect, even the body suit undet the coat, and prescription yellow Vash glasses. And I didn't even see him in line for the costume contest...
A great Voodoo (Chrono Cross) costume. I wish we had gotten out picture with this guy...
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is one of my favorite shows, and here's the title character. Very nice job.