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Darkbolt: The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

The Creative Works of Sean Boyle

Demongate High is up! (3/27/17)

On time again! Not perfect, there are a few art screwups here, but at least it's done...

Demongate High is up on time. (3/20/17)

Here you go! There's a lot of conversation/exposition, so I hope it is still readable. Enjoy. ^_^

Demongate High updated (3/13/17)

Demongate High is back up. Sorry for the lengthy lack of updates. On top of the setbacks of being sick and generally a slacker, this one also took a long time to get colored. Anyway, we're back, so enjoy!

Demongate High is up (2/20/17)

On time somehow! Took a long time to color, but at least it's done. Now to get a headstart on next week...

Demongate High is finally up (2/12/17)

Here it is! Sorry I missed an update last week. I've adjusted my production schedule, though, and hopefully I'll be able to get enough done during the week to stick to a Sunday update.

Demongate High is up but late (1/31/17)

Comic is up. Not sure if this is the schedule I'll be sticking to the rest of the semester. We'll see.

Demongate High is on time (1/23/17)

Here it is! And it's back to work again, as the spring semester starts up. I might end up having to change my update schedule, given my new schedule, but we'll see.

DgH is updated (1/16/17)

Demongate High is up, only slightly late. Enjoy!

DgH = up (1/9/17)

Demongate High is up. Slightly late again, due to my slackitude and trying to get the fight scenes looking just right. My figmas only go so far, and they have some weird proportions I'm still trying to deal with. Anyway, enjoy! I should make a new title pic too...

Happy New Year! (1/2/17)

Demongate High is up! Happy New Year, everyone! And happy 800 pages of Demongate High! Wow. Sorry for the slight lateness. It's entirely due to me being a slacker this time around.